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About us

Khoemacau is a copper development company which completed in 2021 the development of its low cost, +60ktpa copper and +2Mozpa silver metal, Starter Project in Botswana:

  • 22 year mine life based on currently drilled Zone 5 resources only;
  • Net cash costs (C1) over the life estimated at approximately $1.30 per pound* of copper;
  • All-in sustaining costs of $1.75* per pound of copper.

Drilling of and studies on its Expansion Project, to increase production to over 125ktpa copper and 4.5Mozpa silver (average run rate at full production) are underway, concurrent with license scale exploration to unlock the full potential of its prized position in the emerging Kalahari Copper Belt.

* net of silver credits at consensus pricing

What we do

Our flagship +60ktpa copper and +2Mozpa silver metal Starter Project has involved the development of the Zone 5 underground mine and associated infrastructure, and the upgrade and expansion of the existing Boseto processing plant. The remarkable scale, geometry and high grade of the Zone 5 deposit allows the mine to be fully mechanised employing the most modern mining technology, offering not only enhanced safety but low cost, efficient operations.

The ongoing exploration and development of our substantial Project pipeline offers significant opportunity beyond this.

In so unlocking the potential of our assets in the Kalahari Copper Belt, we seek to deliver value and opportunity to our employees, stakeholders and Botswana as a country.

Overview presentation

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